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There are two types of Wayback Machine alternative sites similar in functionality to the Wayback machine. The first type allows you to access past web pages, just like the Wayback machine. They include; archive.is and screenshot.com among others.
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Wayback Machine(ウェイバックマシン)とはインターネット上のWorld Wide Webやその他情報を扱うデジタルアーカイブである。アメリカ合衆國カリフォルニア州サンフランシスコにある非営利団體のインターネットアーカイブが2001年にサービスを開始した。
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The Wayback Machine can include full copies of websites that no longer exist anywhere else. Many websites that have been taken down because the creator no longer maintains them. Also, older versions of websites that were perhaps more complete or easier to understand or navigate, along with prior versions of websites with different content.
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Wayback Machine 自從1996年以來,就在給整個互聯網做備份,現在一共累計了1500億網頁。使用方法很簡單:在網頁頂部那個網址框輸入網址,點擊“Go WayBack”按鈕,然后選擇想要查看的日期(不是每天都有備份),就可看到某個找回消失或被修改過的網頁。
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How To Extract URLs from Archive.org (Wayback Machine)

Archive.org, or the Wayback Machine as it’s more commonly know, is a web crawler and indexing system for the internet’s web pages for historical archiving. It’s a cool tool which allows us to take a peek at what Google looked like when it was still in Beta back in 1998, for example.
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Searchmaven: Meet The Wayback Machine

The Wayback Machine is a massive archive of web pages dating back nine years. Named after a device in an old cartoon show – The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show, the Wayback Machine makes it possible for lawyers to search for web pages that might have infringed
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How to Search Old Tweets: 6 Tried-And-True Methods

Wayback Machine will show you a screenshot of the Twitter page exactly as it appeared on that day. Most old screenshots of Twitter will contain the first 20 or so tweets that appeared on the page that day, but won’t let you scroll to see older tweets.
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사이트 제목 – Wayback Machine 필요한 이유 – 서비스 종료된 사이트혹은 옛날의 모습에 접속할수 있다 (시간을 되돌린다고 보면 된다) 원리 – 쉽게 말하면 그냥 사람들이 사이트에 접속했을때 기록을 읽어서 ‘캡쳐’를 해놓았다고 보면 됩니다.
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The Best Tools to Archive Web Pages
The Wayback Machine is great for the public good, but if you want your own personal backup, you’ll want to look into a few different options. The most …
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Posts about Download Website From Wayback Machine written by waybackmachinedownloaderblog Designing a web site is not really a little something you can get frivolously. There are all kinds of instruments which might be supposed to …
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