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中文名 兀兀窮年 外文名 hard throughout the year to do so. 拼 音 wù wù qióng nián 釋 義 比喻做事不辭勞苦 出 處 《進學解》 目錄 1 成語用法 2 成語出處 兀兀窮年 成語用法 編輯 作謂語;指辛勤 …
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over the years是什么意思_over the years的中文解釋_用法

over the years 經過多年,多年來 over the ensuing years 在其后的歲月中 He’s known me for over ten years 他認識我已經十多年了 these years 這些年 over a 6 years test period 在目前(六)年試驗期間 in years phr. 年老,上了年紀 for years 多年以來, 好多年 for years
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農曆新年 在中國人最重視的傳統大節日農曆新年裡,香港也是喜氣洋洋,節慶一浪接一浪。在賀年食品方面,除了傳統經典口味的年糕,蘿蔔糕,市面上也有很多創新口味,諸如奶皇珍珠年糕,鮑魚黑松露蘿蔔糕等,花樣百出,就是要讓你享受百分百的香港年味!
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Throughout the year of claim you must not be married. Hence, no allowance can be claimed for the year of marriage, divorce, death of your spouse or separation from your spouse. The earliest opportunity to make a claim will be the year following these events.
Kenny Rogers – Through The Years Lyrics
Lyrics to ‘Through The Years’ by Kenny Rogers. I can’t remember when you weren’t there When I didn’t care for anyone but you I swear we’ve been through everything there is Can’t imagine anything we’ve missed Can’t imagine anything the two of us can’t do
Kenny Rogers – Through The Years lyrics
Read or print original Through The Years lyrics 2021 updated! I can’t remember when you weren’t there / When I didn’t care for anyone but Kenneth Ray Rogers (born August 21, 1938) is an American singer, songwriter, actor, record producer, and entrepreneur. He is
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31/1/2020 · Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Today I gather some interesting phrases and sentences that are heard during the Chinese New Year. And of course you can use them to greet your family, your friends, your boss or even your teacher! Let’s see! All You Want to
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All year round
Definition of all year round in the Idioms Dictionary. all year round phrase. What does all year round expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.
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During the course of
In or during the process of. During the course of your employment in the company, were you ever aware or suspicious of any illicit financial activity going on? I learned during the course of the meeting that our department was being downsized by over 50 percent.
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word choice
Over and during are both acceptable. The past decade means the previous 10 years from today. The last decade means the last nominal decade (eg the last decade in 2015 is the years 2000-2009). – Dan Bron Jun 30 ’15 at 13:14
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