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spray中文:噴霧…,點擊查查權威綫上辭典詳細解釋spray的中文翻譯,spray的發音,音標,用法和例句等。a dispenser that turns a liquid (such as perfume) into a fine mist 同義詞:atomizer, atomiser, sprayer, nebulizer, nebuliser, flower arrangement consisting of
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芬太尼(英語:Fentanyl)是一種強效的,類鴉片 止痛劑,起效迅速而作用時間極短 [4]。它是腦中 μ-鴉片受體 ( 英語 : μ-opioid receptor ) 的強力激動劑。 芬太尼比嗎啡效力高50至100倍。 [5] 但一些為了模擬芬太尼之藥理作用的芬太尼類似物可能比嗎啡高出10,000倍。
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Room Spray
Room Spray Make a fragrant first impression with a spritz of Room Spray in a signature scent. Gift Wrapping The perfect present, all wrapped up Samples Try something new with your next order Free Delivery Scent with love, on us SIGN UP How do we use your
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Lola James Harper Room Spray
ROOM SPRAY « SCENTS OF INSPIRING PLACES » ROOM SPRAY « SCENTS OF INSPIRING PLACES » Collection of 19 room sprays that talks about inspiring places around the world… Vinyl stores, Music Studios, Galleries, Homes, Movie Theaters, Fun Fairs… Places we visited and that changed us… We are so proud to have the Mythical Colet
Paddywax Room Spray
Paddywax Room Spray We acquired about the seven distinguished Paddywax room sprays over the last 3 years. Uncover which Paddywax room spray is best for you. You can also Filter by material, room, scent and color or pick one of our Paddywax room spray
室內噴霧——漿果香 夏威夷 | Room/Linen Sprays | DFS | T廣場
Room Spray
Spray in any room to instantly refresh your environment. 4 fl. oz. Made in the USA Frequently Purchased With: Candle Potpourri Home Diffuser Set Bring the Westin Experience Home Subscribe Now Contact Us: 877-777-5418 Email Chat Live Customer Support
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Floral Mist: DIY Room Spray – Herbal Academy

This is a lovely, floral body or room spray. If essential oils separate out, you may need to tweak the amount of solubilizer for your blend, depending on the type you use. Be sure to use furanocoumarin-free (FCF) or bergapten-free bergamot; if using expressed bergamot, keep exposed skin out of the sun or ultraviolet (UV) radiation for at least 18 hours after applying to …
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