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LCM and HCF Questions and Answers
16. The HCF and LCM of two numbers are 13 and 455 respectively. If one of the number lies between 75 and 125, then, that number is: A. 78 B. 91 C. 104 D. 117 17. The H.C.F. and L.C.M. of two numbers are 12 and 336 respectively. If one of the numbers is 84, the
LCM And HCF Questions and Answers | The ratio of two numbers is 3:4 and their HCF is 4. Their LCM is - YouTube
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LCM and HCF Questions Answers Question (2):- What will the highest sum of four numbers which will divide by 12, 18, 21, 24 and give the remainder 6 in every time? A) 9612 B) 9982 C) 9682 D) 9582 Answer:- When we take LCM of 12, 18, 21, and 24 we get the LCM 504.
Ex 1.2, 3 - Find the LCM and HCF of following integers - LCM/HCF
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Practice finding the HCF and the LCM by recalling multiplication tables. Highest Common Factor using the prime factor method Example 1: Let’s find the HCF of 24 and 30 using the prime factor method. Prime factors common to both 24 and 30 are 2 and 3
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Using Formulas of HCF and LCM in Questions Question: Calculate the highest number that will divide 43, 91 and 183 and leaves the same remainder in each case Options A. 4 B. 7 C. 9 D. 13 Solution: Required number = H.C.F. of (91 – 43), (183 – 91) and (183 – 43)
Ex 1.2, 3 - LCM/HCF
Full lesson on HCF and LCM. Starts by breaking down into prime factors and then moves on to finding the highest common factor and lowest common multiple. Opportunity to find both with answers provided. Worded problems for both LCM and HCF with worked
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最小公倍數(LCM)和最大公因數(HCF) – 最小公倍數(L.C.M.) 和最大公因數(H.C.F.) 進入 1. 找出 和18的最小公倍數 找出12和 的最小公倍數 (L.C.M.)。 首頁 文檔 視頻 音頻 文集
LCM and HCF 2 | LCM and HCF Questions and Answers | Numerical Ability Questions and Answers - YouTube
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