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coupon rate 息票利率,票面利率 coupon rate of interest 【經】 息票利率 coupon advertising 附頁廣告 coupon bond 附息票債券,息票公司債券,息票債券 coupon pack 附券商品 foreign coupon 外國息票 指外國債券(*foreign bonds)所附上的利息票券。 long coupon 長期息票 (1)見long bonds;(2)指息票期間(coupon period)通常比其它或標準
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請問財務中的discount rate 中文是什麼??
9/6/2007 · 財務中的discount rate = 折現率! 所謂的折現率(Discount Rate),其實就是從財務管理第一課,所謂的「時間價值」而來。所謂折現率的意義在於,當您要為未來的現金流量(FV)找到合理現在價值(PV),或說折現值,所使用的利率。
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Bonds and Certificates of Deposit
The coupon rate can be fixed, where it does not change over the term of the bond. It can be floating, where it is reset periodically according to a predetermined benchmark, such as HIBOR plus a spread. The coupon rate can even be zero. A zero-coupon bond is
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Hong Kong Coupon & Promo Codes
Save with Hong Kong coupons, coupon codes, sales for great discounts in February 2021. Listed above you’ll find some of the best hong kong coupons, discounts and promotion codes as ranked by the users of To use a coupon simply click the coupon code then enter the code during the store’s checkout process.
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Hong Kong Government Bond 10Y
Hong Kong 10Y Bond Yield was 0.86 percent on Monday February 1, according to over-the-counter interbank yield quotes for this government bond maturity. Historically, the Hong Kong Government Bond 10Y reached an all time high of 10.49 in June of 1998.
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Reverse convertible securities
A reverse convertible security or convertible security is a short-term note linked to an underlying stock.The security offers a steady stream of income due to the payment of a high coupon rate.In addition, at maturity the owner will receive either 100% of the par value or, if the stock value falls, a predetermined number of shares of the underlying stock.
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Bond Price
Examples Example 1: Bond with Annual Coupon Payments Company A has issued a bond having face value of $100,000 carrying annual coupon rate of 8% and maturing in 10 years. The market interest rate is 10%. The price of the bond is calculated as the present
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